The Centro Culturale Italo-Austriaco is an association that has been working to spread and promote Austrian culture in Genoa and Liguria since 1990. While the label Italo-Austriaco initially referred to the idea of Austrians and Italians coming together at small-scale cultural events within a larger circle of acquaintances, over the years the Centro Culturale has developed into Austria’s voice on the Genoese cultural scene, becoming an institution that today translates the term Italo-Austriaco into a wide range of initiatives organized in collaboration with Italian institutions and festivals and often embedded within a European context.

In close cooperation with Austria’s official cultural missions in Italy – the cultural forums based in Milan and Rome – the association organizes readings, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, theatre performances, lectures and conferences with the financial support of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Genoa.

By virtue of its connection with the University of Genoa’s German Studies Department, the Centro Culturale Italo-Austriaco occupies a position at the interface between culture/art and science that enables it to give its backing to research into Austrian, bilateral and European literary and cultural phenomena as well as to the translation of recent literature and the presentation of both established and up-and-coming writers.